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Sebelum saya mulakan cerita, saya ingin quote 1 ayat alquran dari surah ali imran ayat 75..

' dan diantara Ahli Kitab, ada mereka yg jika kamu amanahkan harta yg banyak kpd mereka, pasti mereka akan pulangkan kpd kamu,
dan di antara mereka ada yg jika kamu amanahkan satu dinar, tidak akan di kembalikan kpd kamu kecuali setelah kamu selalu meminta..'

Allah menceritakan tentang ahli kitab..ada yg mulia dan ada yg jahat.

Ikuti lah kisah seorang pemuda yahudi yg pernah menjadi tentera zionis...

A story from an israeli soldier....please tune-in to the video below for a true story...'Breaking the Silence'

Eran Efrati left the israeli army in 2008. He is now an activist who has sought to expose Israeli military transgressions.

**i was born n raised in jerusalem...i am the 7th generation in paternal grangpa was the 5th generation..he was born in the old city in a jewish corner of jerusalem..his mother died when he was born...His neighbour, a PALESTINIAN muslim family,took him in n breastfed he was a 'palestinian' jew..he grew up knowing arabic before he knew hebrew..

** so many people today cannot imagine the possibility of jews n palestinians living together on the same piece of land although my grandpa was the living already happened before israel was established..

** i grew up in jerusalem in a very materialistic 'zionist' that makes me a 'jew'...unlike those orthodox jews,they are very different, not like us, they have a different culture....

**i grew up in a very materialistic home..My brother is an officer in a special unit of the paratroopers in israel, my mother is an officer in the israeli army, my father is the head of investigation of the jerusalem police

** My maternal grandma n grandpa came from Hungary..they were the only survivors from my family after the holocaust..she stayed with us in jerusalem..when i was small, she used to wake up everyday in the middle of the night screaming because of nightmares of the holocaust...

** i once received a letter from my grandma while i was on a school trip to poland
..i didn't quite understand her intention..

** but my friend told me.. Your grandma wishes to tell you, the 2nd holocaust will happen n it will happen soon before you knew it...

**After finishing school, i joined the army camp as a combat soldier..
    For 7 months everyday, we were trained for a war..
    ..not once was palestine mentioned
    After 7 months...I was sent to palestine...

** My job is to make sure every palestinians know ... i have the power to a 
    complete shutdown of their city..

** i go into houses in the middle of the night, arresting children,women, elderly..

     i shoot at prostesters..doing everything i was supposed to do

** The mother of the kid started screaming n screaming...
     just like my grandma used to scream during the nightmares...

     For the 1st time i realise...i 'm on the wrong side!!

** This is the only reality we know to be true in israel...we dont have any friends or 
    family who didn't serve the army..

** On operaton Cast Lead in 2008...we were very confused...we were trained years n years to fight a war...instead we saw israeli air forces dropping tons n tons of bombs on palestinian civilians         
 ....there were no enemies !! battlefields !!
 ...just hundreds over hundreds of dead palestinian bodies !!

* The israeli government n the israeli 2010..were selling a new brand of gas cannisters to the police force n the government of Singapore..they buy the cannisters to fight protestors in their country !...they were the most deadly cannisters

*The israeli government experimented their deadly weapons n poisonous gas everyday on palestinians before selling them..

*Palestine is not an is a laboratory....we try our weapons
   on palestinians n sell the weapons for money...."

A policeman from Maryland USA said...." we had just came back from israel..
we had our training there.."


 If you don't care about palestinians , i don't care...but you guys should know ..
 ..You are next in line..the next that would would die from tear gas cannisters..choked into your chest...its already happening to the immigrants...

..Your sons or daughters could be killed in a protest... from the brutality of the police force.. they are using these cannisters on protestors ..

...Our army in israel is training your policemen how to handle enemies....

" In israel , Palestinians are their enemies...but here..


Israeli soldiers confronting the Palestinians?

Nope, this is in USA ...the police forces trained in israel are against their own people !

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