Friday, 17 June 2016


At last, we found the date !! Saturday 4 JUN 2016.

Not easy to have everyone around on the same week end..

We picked this place...this is our first time here.
As for fatimah n Amzar, this is their many times.

Such in Gombak!! Only knew this after 23 years of stay in KL...
just a 25 minutes drive from home.

Just the perfect place for family outing..away from the hustle n bustle
 of the city .. n the boredom of traffic jams.

Gotta pay some fees, so they can maintain the place...
adults rm15, children 8yrs -15 yrs rm8..
can stay the whole day.

Can rent rooms to sleep,too ...this place is the extension of the vast wild jungle of interestingly, you can hear the jungle animals conversing at night n also the roaring of the jungle tigers...auuummmm!!

If, while enjoying the day, the rain problem..tents are always available...very very thoughtful of them.

To get the best spot, come early...just dump the children into the car with their pyjamas....
we reached here at 8 am.

Parking spacious, so luxurious

Beautiful river

safe to bathe
Got to wear slippers...stepping on the lovely stones is painful

Can bring our own food n cook here...very homely

Brought our own stove n charcoal....easy lunch.
They also provide BBQ stove n utensils , just pay rm50+ .

There's also a swimming pool...2 swimming pools to be precise..

..can splash in anytime                                                                                                                

    They provide the tables n chairs..                                                                                             

Toilets n changing room in that building....a clean one n well maintained

   Breakfast everyone....mum's nasi lemak

     Have fun..

   Getting ready for a revenge on Ultraman

   HaHaHa...Ultraman under attack

 Ultraman running away....
   ...Ultraman surrenders

Peace at last..

     Feeding time...

Celebrating isom's n makyam's belated birthday.. n of course, today is Paknik's birthday

Surprise!! Panda clothings from makyam to 'baby on the way'

Special thanks to Aman n Syida for coming all the way to make our 
family-outing a complete.

Fatiin missing mama..n mama is only a few steps away

Fish watching

For every beginning, there's an ending.....

.klik.Family Pool Game

Friday, 3 June 2016


Dari Abu Hurairah radhiyallahu ‘anhu, beliau menceritakan,
أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم رقي المنبر فقال : آمين آمين آمين فقيل له  يارسول الله ما كنت تصنع هذا ؟ ! فقال : قال لي جبريل : أرغم الله أنف عبد أو بعد دخل رمضان فلم يغفر له فقلت : آمين ثم قال : رغم أنف عبد أو بعد أدرك و الديه أو أحدهما لم يدخله الجنة فقلت : آمين ثم قال : رغم أنف عبد أو بعد ذكرت عنده فلم يصل عليك فقلت : آمين
Rasulullah shallallahu ’alaihi wa sallam naik mimbar lalu baginda mengucapkan, ‘Amin … amin … amin.’ 
Para sahabat bertanya, ‘Kenapa engkau berkata demikian, wahai Rasulullah?’
 Kemudian, baginda bersabda, ‘Baru saja Jibril berkata kepadaku,
 ‘Allah melaknat seorang hamba yang melewati Ramadhan tanpa mendapatkan ampunan,’ maka kukatakan, ‘Amin.’ 
Kemudian, Jibril berkata lagi, ‘Allah melaknat seorang hamba yang mengetahui kedua orang tuanya masih hidup, namun itu tidak membuatnya masuk Jannah (karena tidak berbakti kepada mereka berdua),’ maka aku berkata, ‘Amin.’ 
Kemudian, Jibril berkata lagi, ‘Allah melaknat seorang hamba yang tidak bersalawat ketika disebut namamu,’ maka kukatakan, ‘Amin.””
Hadis ini dinilai sahih oleh Al-Mundziri dalam At-Targhib wa At-Tarhib, 2:114, 2:406, 2:407, dan 3:295; juga oleh Adz-Dzahabi dalam Al-Madzhab, 4:1682. Dinilai hasan oleh Al-Haitsami dalam Majma’ Az-Zawaid, 8:142; juga oleh Ibnu Hajar Al-Asqalani dalam Al-Qaulul Badi‘, no. 212; juga oleh Al-Albani di Shahih At-Targhib, no. 1679.
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