Thursday, 18 October 2018

Jin kekanak menagih kasih sayang

Semalam beberapa keluarga dari Trengganu datang berubat,,semua cousins. Pesakit nya  umur 10 tahun , dah 8 bulan tak boleh masuk kawasan sekolah. Sampai gate sekolah, dia akan rasa tercekik, gatal tekak, batuk n sesak nafas. Aku perhati dia, dia anak cerdik. Aku interview dia direct.. semua jawapan baik dan bernas.
Now ni duk rumah tok sebab duk rumah sendiri badan jadi ketar2 macam parkinsons tu.

Aku pun mula rawatan. Dia duduk melunjurkan kaki ke kiblat sambil baca AlFatihah. Kedua kakinya terus gerak2. "Bukan saya gerakkan" kata Aisyah. Aisyah ni nama samaran aku beri utk pesakit ku .
Aku scan ..tak dapat scan sbb tangan aku di tolak kekanan' Partnerku cakap, jin aisyah tolak.

Partner aku ni, dia nampak. .aku pulak tak nampak, boleh scan je.Jadi dia lah jadi mataku. Nama glamour dia N.

Teruskan cerita...

Aku scan, N kata ada makhluk besar bulu2 hitam n ada a child ,. Aku scan n confirmed "yes".
So aku tanya aisyah. Dia kata , dia pernah nampak binatang bulu tu ketika dia sujud solat isya.. n pernah juga nampak kekanak tu ..muka bulat2 , pipi pun bulat2.

Aku dan N pun tarek2 la makhluk2 yg goyangkan kaki dia. Ofkos la minta Allah yg tarekkan..mana mungkin kami dapat lakukan...Alhamdulillah, goyang2 tu berenti. Aisyah pun konfemkan, makhluk tu dah xde.

Next, kami buka hijab badan Aisyah... N nampak makhluk hitam bulu2 tu...dia yg tolak tangan aku tadi.. Kami pun pulangkan dia pada Allah swt....
Clear dah sekor.

Next, N nampak jin kekanak tu. Aku dan N bincang2 nak kluarkan macam mana... sebab dia menagih kasih sayang ibubapa aisyah...yatim piatu gamaknya jin kekanak ni. Sbb tu la kut xmo pegi sekolah... nak berkepit je dgn mak aisyah. Maybe jin bebulu tu pun ada pakatan... masa kat gate sekolah, dia gosok tangan bebulu dia kat tekak aisyah ..bagi aisyah batuk2 n sesak nafas....hmmmm..agaknya laa.

Dah  bincang2 skali lagi dgn N, kami pun decide, mak aisyah kena pujuk jin kekanak tu pulang pada Allah. N susun ayat memujuk sambil mak aisyah ikut. Aku mohon Allah bukakan tempat indah utk kekanak tu. Sambil mak aisyah lafaz kalimat memujuk keluar, aku juga memujuk dia, nak hantar ketempat cantek yg Allah sediakan untuk nya.'

Sambil aku tarek dia gently, aku dengar esakan..2 esakan. Hatiku berkata.."suara siapa ni?"
Beberapa saat kemudian, aku nampak air mata dari mak aisyah...sedih pilu dia. Aku lihat, aisyah juga sedang menangis sayu. With great effort la juga nak tarek jin kekanak ni... merayu2 dia..aku pun rasa kepiluannya..
Alhamdulillah, Allah telah mengambilnya pulang.

Aisyah kelihatan ceria selrpas itu...

Alhamdulilah happy ending.

Sunday, 2 September 2018


6 Things That Make a Woman Attractive (That Have Nothing to Do with Appearance)

A woman has to be beautiful, just like man has to be strong physically and financially. No doubt that this is true in many cases. But how many times have you seen a handsome alpha male happily married to an average (in terms of physical appearance) woman?
Clearly there’s something else. And this something else is your interior: the way you walk, look at yourself in the window, the mood you go to work with, the attitude you approach your life with, your mindset and personal journey.
The list of qualities that highly successful among men the women must have is pretty basic: kind, friendly, confident, adventurous and so on. But everybody interprets them in their own way.
So, what personality type combines all these qualities and plays the role of a powerful trigger that makes a woman very attractive? This has nothing to do with your hair color or size; it’s like an invisible thread that pulls men into your passionate hands.

1. Staying Busy and Engaged

No, not with a man. With your occupation. May it be your work, volunteering project, art hobby or untamed desire to go to the gym at least 3 times per week. A woman who knows what she likes doing and is actively involved with it always attracts attention and admiration. Not to mention the spark in your eyes you have after a productive meeting/successful charity project realization.
Define what you are into in your life and follow a simple recipe: “take action – develop new ideas – improve – take action – improve – enjoy the process.”

2. Having a Purpose in Life

This is a hidden biological trigger. Did you know that scientists from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago proved that people who feel a strong sense of purpose live longer?
For a man, it’s important to feel that his woman realizes what she is after, what she likes/dislikes and what she feels passionate about. Your life goal might not bring you coffee to bed when you are sick, but it will definitely motivate you to constantly develop yourself and keep on moving.

3. Being Happy Here and Now

Nobody wants to be involved with an always unhappy, constantly complaining, desperately upset person. Would you want to see your partner like this? No? Then forbid yourself to be unhappy. There’s nothing more attractive than a lady who lives her life to the fullest, finds comfort in moment’s pleasures and knows how to enjoy magical moments. Take your time to focus on a sweetness of first strawberries, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, the feeling of warm summer rays.
After 20 years of research, Harvard scientists proved that emotions, particularly happiness, and joy, are contagious. Maybe that’s why it’s so attractive? So surround yourself with happy people  -at the very least this guarantees you a happy partner!

4. Nurturing Healthy Relationships

Love is a two-way street: you get what you give. Don’t wait for that one and only man to give all your love to him. Invest in your relationships now. Only having arranged our relationshipswith parents, ex-partners and friends can we be open for new healthy interactions.
There’s a special kind of harmony we radiate when being surrounded by kind, loving, understanding people.No wonder men are always instinctively attracted to it. A woman who is kind with strangers, generous with those in need, amiable with kids, tolerant with her parents and co-workers sends out irresistible vibes.

5. Developing Yourself

Being a part of a like-minded organization, regular meditation, sports and exercise, signing up to online courses and learning to paint – all this enhances your self-esteem and adds a couple of more conversation topics to your dates. Also, the social support of belonging to a wide network of people gives you confidence and eliminated the risk of feeling lonely and needing somebody.

6. Relaxed Upper Body, Tight Lower Body

How do you seat during a romantic dinner? Do you stay composed or relaxingly lean against the chair? Attractiveness comes from a subconscious level. Here is the secret body language that attracts a man and is used by belly dancers and geisha girls: keep your upper body (back, chest, shoulders, face) soft and calm, while keeping your lower body (hips, legs) tight. This sends a powerful biological signal about lady’s fertility and thus makes her desired and wanted.
The conclusion of the day: the hidden attractiveness secrets are not that hidden after all, but they are not that easy to follow also. There’s no “one size fits it all” and only those who are committed to growing and developing their personalities (first of all for themselves, then for the opposite sex) are able to master them. The most important thing is not to do it with a goal of becoming more attractive to men, but to make it our lifestyle choice and daily habits: simply because it makes your life fuller, richer and more self-conscious.
Kelly J. Harris is working as a professional writer at writing and consulting service for students. She loves her job because it gives her the opportunity to inspire others and share your thoughts with like-minded people.