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26 27 MARCH 2016

It was nice !! simply great !! learning and learning and many new things to learn..the more you meet new people, the more knowledge you gain...

Knowledge is like flowers in a vast garden...plucking them is endless..

This is the event..

 The speaker..Dr Parinaz Humranwala of Mumbai India                                                                       About drparinazhumranwala                                                                                                                                                          

The Place..CUCMS                                                                                                     
     THE MAIN TOPIC....TEMPERAMENT N HOMEOPATHY                                                                                                                                                    

Some contents briefly...

1. Temperament is like a finger print..cannot change..can only lower or raise the gauge.... 

2. Personality can is a clothing that you put on for different occasions.


*Competitive...uses every means to ahieve goal, victimising, fraud
                       eg Alexander The Great
                       eg a patient left his handphone to record conversation of doc n mum..
*Stubborn......unwilling to yield, head strong, demanding, persistent
* Critical
* Perfectionist... force people do it for compromise
* Decisive n Precise...checking time before even begins
* Dictatorial...demands unquestioning obedience, autocratic,tyranny
*Quick tempered...forgiving is out, making other peoples life difficult (nitric acid..changing attitude is important)
* Could be wealthy or prosperous.. but not respected or loved
* Unemotional...ruthless, hard hearted, harsh,unaffected, no remorse (flouric acid)

2. THE NERVOUS                   

* Constantly anticipate bad news
* Health concious...always check weight, nutrition intake,fear of infection, ehvery penny spent on health
* JIttery, edgy
* Cannot tolerate suspense (Arg N)
* Read last of story first...
* On stage..staggered...Lyco, gels,silicea
*Bashful...shy, self conscience, awkward
* Anxiety...edgy on small matter


*Slow..takes time to think n to tell a few times..
* Confused easily
* Take their own sweet time (Baryta Carb)
* Disinclined to exert...couch potato
* Satisfied with things as they are / contented
* Servitude at work...too eager to obey
* Family oriented ..max time with family (9-5 for work) (calc carb)


* Conscientious
* Diligent, responsible, hardworking, careful, metiulous, reliable, thorough,
* Work done relaxingly...without target time
* Fastidious...perfectionist, neat, detail, particular, sharp ( clean bathroom with toothbrush)
* Orderly arrange...trousers, shirt, socks arrange matchingly n  neatly
* Analytical...logical, systematic, methodical, remember, birthdays..
* Likes to remember the past...less forward
* Nat mur..brooding
* Attahed eg to one parent only
* Possessive, unforgiving...nat m
* Reserve, secretive, keep feelings
* Deep concern for others..self sacrificing, suffer silently, looks happy
* Consolation aggravates


* Vivacious, lively, effervescence, full of life, enjoys life, play pranks
* Lives for the day.. does not think of consequences
* Gregarious..everybody knows him..
* Jack of all trade, master of none..
* Little knowledge but talks a lot ..confident
* Reckless
* Never ponder the past...eager for next surprises
* Compulsive..needs change..easily change jobs.(Tuberculinum..gets bored easily)
* Popular..Teller of tales, entertainer
* Decisions are often wrong



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    Good write up. Summarized it very well.